Fornier Ortiz. CV



I am an experienced dancer born in 1976, graduate from the ballet academy of Incolballet (1993) in Colombia my home country. I have done two years program of modern dance at the Folkwang University of the arts (2001-2003) in Germany  and a post graduate degree in teacher education at Häme University of Applied Sciences (2018). I have been freelancer as dancer and teacher since 2000. 

I am currently living in Helsinki, Finland.



After a long professional career at the Colombian national ballet I have worked with various internationally recognized choreographers in Colombia, Germany, The Netherlands and Finland such as:  

Ismael Ivo, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio, Malou Airaudo, Gabriella Maiorino, Carmen Werner, Gabrielle Staiger, Satu Tuomisto, Maija Hirvanen, Sanna Myllylahti, Morgan Nardi, Mark Sieczkarek, Claudine Merkel, Ilona Pászthy, Alvaro Restrepo, Marie France Delieuvin, Dominique Dupuy, Ivan Favier, Jacques Broquet, Joao Galante, Gloria Castro Martinez and many others


As a guest teacher I have taught at various professional dance academies and European dance festivals along 10 years of experience. I have been dedicated to developed my own vocabulary based on a rigorous study of the structural and physical possibilities of the spine relating to the functioning of the body. I am interested in the multiple possibilities of movement founded in Latin American roots. I am curious about different sources of movement; such as Asian martial arts and the urban culture that could influence my art.

Finland: University of the Arts Helsinki (B.A & M.A Programs in dance, M.A Dance pedagogy), Zodiak Center for New Dance, Tanssille Dance Union, Helsinki Dance Company, Finnish National Opera Ballet School, Turku Dansart, Full Moon Dance Festival, North Karelia College at Outokumpu, Cirkus Helsinki, Yliskylä’s Daycare

Austria: SEAD. Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

The Netherlands: Amsterdam University of the arts (B.A Dance program), SNDO- School for new dance development, Henny Jurriens Foundation, Danstraining Brabant, Danshuis Station Ziud, Dance Academy Tilburg- Fontys University (B.A Dance program)

Russia: Summer Dance School TSEKH, Open Look St. Petersburg International Summer Festival, Mute Fish Dance Company & guest in Zadar.

Estonia: Notafe Dance Festival, Estonian Dance Union

Lithuania: Lithuanian Dance Information Center

Croatia: Academy of Dramatic Art of University of Zagreb (B.A Dance program).

Germany: Tanzhause NRW, Barner Crossing, Gärtnerplatz City Theater Dance Company

Panamá: Pointe centro de danzas, Danza Activa competencia Internacional.


A Ras (Germany 2005 / Solo- Duo version), Porque Yo (Colombia 2006 / Group piece),  Scarf Make Warriors (Germany 2007 / Duet), What gets left behind           (Finland 2015/ piece done for the Finnish national opera ballet school), Perpetual Instant (Germany 2016/ Solo).


Taideraide art residence  at Yliskylä daycare

Helsinki Montessori-School as afternoon’s club assistant.

Sound design to several dance works

Multimedia documentation for dance and sports.

Jury at Danza Activa Competencia Internacional and Danza Activa Grand Prix de Danza

Jury at  Tanzfestival 638 Kilo Tanz in Germany

The Architecture of My Dance. A lecture at the 8th Festival Internacional de Ballet Incolballet in Colombia.

Workshop together with the Argentinian choreographer Luciana Benosilio in Colombia invited by Incolballet, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the city of Cali, the cultural center Comfandi and French-Colombian Alliance.

Subsequently he was invited by Incolballet and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia to give the lectures of Tuning the Instrument and Choreographic Elements.


Documenting and sound editing for a dance rehearsal


Photo: Yliskylä’s Daycare 2020

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